Risk assessment Safer working plan

Our aim is to reduce as much as possible the risk of transmission of Covid 19 by reducing the footfall within the nursery. We realise we will not be able to irradiate it completely, as we still need to interact with both parents and children, we are setting out an ideal situation but we are aware that some parents will still want to come into nursery to drop/ collect their child or speak to staff and will of course continue to accommodate this but where possible we would like to

Arrangements for dropping/collecting

  1. One-way system, through the nursery parents will come in the back (car Park) out the front then if parents want to speak to staff they can stand in garden/toddler room and other parents can still walk past to drop children off. We are looking into the possibility of staff using Face Time on one of our IPads so parents can contact/ speak to them this way, or by telephone as usual

  2.  If parents need to speak to an individual staff member transmission is less when you are side by side 2m away instead of face to face 2m away.

  3.   We will be doing daily diaries for preschool to make handover time shorter.

  4. Parents stay outside building only in porch.  Toddlers can go straight into toddler room from garden, Pre school and Baby room staff  will come out to collect children- some parents are going to want to bring children in so we will need to accommodate this

  5. Baby room to use in one door out the other, signs out on doors to make this clear for parents, they should go in by the door nearest kitchen and out by the stairs.

  6.  All toys, dressing up, books , dolls,rugs,garden toys,will be split into 4 separate sets,  this will be used then left for  at least 72hrs , out of the room before using again. This ensures toys will always be available and this reduces the amount of additional cleaning staff will need to do and enables them to spend more time with the children. It means the rooms will be empty at the end of the day which makes it easier to clean all surfaces

  7. Soft toys are being removed from rooms

  8. Cushions covers removed and washed daily 50 degrees

  9. Children come in to and leave from own rooms so each room will be a self contained bubble with no mixing

  10. If your child uses a dummy/comforter where possible would like parents to leave 1 dummy/ blanket at nursery not bring one in each day.

  11.  No toys/soft toys to be bought in from home

  12. Show arounds/visitors  will be  by appointment only they will look into rooms  but will not enter room.  We will limit visitor to one adult  and child  only if  the child cannot be looked after while viewing.  Visiting inside the rooms will not happen until further notice. Only the child will be allowed in to settle in once space has been taken

  13. Incident/Accident forms signed

  14. School children drop/collection



Maintaining a clean environment

1) Door handles, stair rail, baby gates, external doors, buzzer box wiped every 30 mins during busy times,  the time will reduce as influx of parents reduce . Disinfectant and cloth kept in conservatory  so staff can give door handles a wipe after a few parents/ each parent.

2)  Children to wash hands when they come in parents’ wash/ hand gel if they come into nursery.   .Surfaces sprayed and wiped after activity has finished. All other usual cleaning

4)  Hourly additional hand washing is sufficient and as usual at other times, nappies, toilet, nose, painting, garden, food etc.

5)Training on transmission, infection control, all staff to complete a course before 1 st June

  1. Staff to wipe taps/toilet seat/flush handle after each use.

  2. Transmission is less outdoors, doors and windows opened weather permitting

  3.  Pre school can work outside weather permitting.

  4.  Toddlers use their room with doors open except if its raining.

  5. Have separate areas in garden for children, toddlers blue, Pre school green, Babies outside on their own.

  6.  Outdoor Toys need cleaning after each group /bubble have used them

  7.  Staff are investigating information on how forest schools work / outdoor teaching works so they can do some forward planning


  1.  Face coverings/Masks are not recommended in childcare settings, but some staff are anxious and have asked if they could wear a mask if the are required to physically see/speak to parents

14) Soap checked and filled daily no hand towels paper towels only

15) Cleaning cloths washed/changed afternoon and evening


  1. Staff stay in own rooms no mixing.

  2.   We will try to keep the same staff to the same shifts each week so they only come in contact same people

  3. Staff will be bought back to serve needs /numbers of children i.e. pre school staff if pre school children are back.

  4.  We will initially not bring back staff who need to use public transport.

  5. Staff will need to work the same times as the children in their room

  6. Cool clubs-  Keyworkers, Reception, Year 1 and year 6 until further notice.

  7. Cleaning staff will be working out hours, to reduce contact and ensure all surface areas are clear from the previous day

  8.   Staff will wash their uniforms after each shift.



  1. Anyone with symptoms needs to notify nursery and get tested we will need proof of testing before re admittance

  2. Need to have poster on potential symptoms at entrance

  3. If anyone becomes unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature in the  workplace they should be advised to follow the stay at home guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. If these symptoms develop whilst at work/nursery they should be sent home, they should return home quickly and directly. If they have to use public transport, they should try to keep away from other people and catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue.

  4. If a member of staff has helped someone who was taken unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, they do not need to go home unless they develop symptoms themselves. They should wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds after any contact with someone who is unwell with symptoms consistent with coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

  5. It is not necessary to close the business or workplace or send any staff home, unless government policy changes.

  6. If anyone, needs clinical advice, they should go to NHS 111 online, or call 111 if they don’t have internet access. In an emergency, call 999 if they are seriously ill or injured or their life is at risk. Do not visit the GP, pharmacy, urgent care centre or a hospital.

  7. If the member of staff lives in a household where someone else is unwell with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) then they must stay at home in line with the stay at home guidance.

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