Toddler Room

As the babies develop and start to walk they move into the Toddler room. This room is larger, with resources to encourage the children to explore, have free play and take part in structured activities with a minimum of formality.

They begin to learn to share and to take turns and to interact with their peers. We encourage their social skills and self help skills. These include washing hands, sitting together for mealtimes, using a spoon and later a knife and fork, drinking from a cup, using please and thank -you and later on potty training etc.

They have their own daily dairy in which their key worker records the routine they have followed throughout the day and parents are encouraged to take this home and discuss this with their child. The personal Seesaw journal started in the baby room is also continued in the toddler room. If your child starts in the toddler room a personal Seesaw journal is started showing photographs of some of their weekly activities, as well as staff observations and pieces of the childrens work. Children generally potty train in this age group and their social skills develop rapidly along with their language skills. We provide plenty of free play but with more activities being introduced in the form of art and craft topics, sand and water and we introduce ICT to the children as soon as they show an interest.

They enjoy freshly prepared meals, prepared on our premises daily by our cook, we try to introduce a variety of foods including fresh fruit, vegetables and milk, daily to stimulate the children’s taste buds.





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