This period of life is really important both in its own right but also in preparing children for later learning. From the age of three to five, children grow, and learn rapidly. Most children go through the same stages but each child is different. They choose their friends and develop their own preferred ways of learning. Children aged three; four and five are constantly encountering new experiences, which they try to understand. As they do so they explore their confidence and build on what they already know. A well-planned play  environment is central to children’s learning and makes learning  both challenging and fun.

 Staff ensure that every child benefits from all of the activities, whether they attend full or part time. The day is planned around the child, with the child  ensuring that all activities remain fun. 

This room also benefits from a computer which is for the children’s use and we have a selection of software for them to use.

Children at this age are generally ready for pre-school activities and these are offered inline with government and OFSTED guidelines, both bodies formally inspect our planning and performance to ensure that we are constantly achieving the requirements to qualify for early years funding. This enables parents to benefit by receiving funding from the government towards their nursery fees. The  15 hours funding is automatically credited to you once your child reaches the age for which funding is awarded. We also offer 30hrs free funding for those who qualify

We feel it is important that your child is fully prepared for school, and that the transition from nursery to school is an easy one. Our aim is for the children to be able to know and recognise shapes, colours, numbers and letters by the time they leave us to go to school. Some of the children will be able to recognise and write their names as well as some of the other children’s names. 


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