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Within Puzzles Day Nursery we offer top quality childcare and education for children from 0- 5 years with the emphasis on fun and with a warm welcoming approach.

We aim to help develop your child’s’ physical, social, intellectual, cultural and emotional development, so that they are well equipped to join in school life, emotionally, morally, socially and of course educationally.

Puzzles Day Nursery offers full day care for children 0-5 years, we also offer before , after school care and Holiday Club for children upto 11 years old .

The  day nursery is designed to provide individual space to cater for different ages and abilities, but we also encourage interaction between the different ages and abilities. We find this helps all of the children’s development. Siblings also get to spend more time together throughout the day.

The activities that the children participate in throughout the day are all co-ordinated by a qualified experienced teacher with a sound knowledge of child development and the National Curriculum. The staff are then responsible for organising the activities for the children in their care, each child has a key worker who  organises their day,  pre school children take part in deciding their own day and by liasing with other members of staff we are able to provide a continuity of approach for all children which allows the children to gain confidence while feeling safe and secure in their close relationship with their key worker. The staff are a mixture of ages most with children of their own. All key workers are mature staff.

All of our staff are actively encouraged to expand and improve their professional knowledge, which enables them to keep abreast of current trends in childcare. Training is actively encouraged and all staff have access to training courses. Staff are NNEB or NVQ qualified and hold current First Aid Certificates, Health and Safety, and Food Hygiene certificates we have a nominated member of staff trained to work specifically with children with special needs.

The rooms in the nursery are all fully equipped to offer the children stimulation and good quality care and fun. Each day is designed to promote the complete well being of each and every child. 

We have a garden area offering rubberised bark, and a safety all weather surface, we also have an area for digging and planting, so we have areas for all kinds of play all year round. These areas, along with all kinds of outdoor equipment provide the opportunity for structured and free outdoor play for all age groups, in complete safety. It is especially good for babies who are crawling and just walking as its softer surface helps prevent many bumps and bruises.

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